Smart Money with vision

For us, corporate finance is not an off-the-shelf product.
We do not claim to grant a building loan contract or a start-up loan for a smart idea.
We provide advice appropriate to the situation. We give serious advice. And we provide tailor-made advice.
Our promise: We find the flexible and individual way to finance exciting projects.


From the development of the business idea and business plan to the creation of the prototype and marketability.
Together with our broad network of partners, we find the right form of financing, the right people, the right skills and the right offices, if they don’t already exist.

Blockchain & FinTech hub.

We work in an exciting environment. This ecosystem must be promoted. For this reason, we are pursuing the goal of establishing and advancing a Blockchain and FinTech hub. For the financial centre of tomorrow and beyond.

We pave the way to success.

Our story.

We are passing on our experience in the field of regulated Blockchain banking. We use this knowledge to provide comprehensive support to founders. We offer unique expertise and want to lead new pioneers to success. For the financial centre of tomorrow.

Our mission.

Every day we see new business ideas, projects, models, and FinTechs that more or less fit in with us. Some of these are highly innovative and often disruptive.
It is important to determine how they can help us and how both can benefit from each other.

Our promise.

We don't leave anyone alone. Developing a disruptive idea is a difficult task in itself. That is why we pursue an integrative approach and support founders and start-ups with holistic support.


We don`t just coach – we work with you.

We support wherever we can. With know-how. With industry knowledge. With development capacities. At the foundation. With financing. In marketing. In graphic design. With networks. We help and pave the way to success. We see ourselves as a team.
We believe in future`s banking, in Blockchain and DLT, in agile methods and disruption.