The IncuCelerator
with vision

From the pioneer of
Blockchain banking. Bank Frick.

“Every day we see new business ideas, models and FinTech companies which fit well – more or less – into the financial centre. They need to be supported to determine how they can help the financial centre and how both can benefit from each other.”

We promote start-ups &
invest in the future.

As a pioneer in the field of regulated blockchain banking, Bank Frick passes on its experience. Distributed Ventures AG uses this knowledge to provide comprehensive support to founders.

We are the first global incucelerator and the one-stop-shop for start-ups. We offer holistic consulting, flexible financing options, a network of experts and investors as well as access to the financial market and financial centre.


Blockchain hub.

Investment fund.

We promote innovative technology companies that operate primarily in the FinTech and/or Blockchain environment – though not exclusively.

With a regulated investment fund, we enable investors to take part in the success of our well diversified portfolio. This allows us to offer participants an opportunity to engage in a diversified investment strategy, whilst simultaneously also in a focused manner, through our vetted and specific targeting of exciting subject areas.